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JUMBO PINEAPPLE OFC - practice module

*beta* RULES

As in regular Pineapple OFC, you are dealt a starting hand of 5 cards, all of which are set. You then receive pulls of 3 cards, setting two and discarding 1. This process repeats 6 times, until the last (7th) pull, at which point YOU SET ALL 3 CARDS.

SCORING: 2-2-2-2 system, so a scoop is worth 8 points. Otherwise as normal, with royalties increasing by a factor of 2x per row, so flush on bottom (row 4) is worth 4 points, then 8 (row 3), 16 (row 2), and 32 (row 1 or top row). Top row pairs and trips are as in normal Pineapple with no increase, so 99 is worth 4 points, AA 9 points, and trips start at 222=10pts to AAA=22pts. Bigger scores are possible in front, however, for example Quads=80 points (10 in back, then 20, then 40, then 80).

FANTASYLAND REQUIREMENTS: Trips or better in front row
FANTASYLAND DEALT: All 20 cards at once
STAY IN FANTASYLAND: 2 sets of Quads or better, or straight in front row.

2-7 Variation could be tried, perhaps with two lowball hands in both the 2nd and 3rd rows.