Our audience has visited the site from 1650+ cities in 90+ countries in our first 6 months. Gaming capitals Macau and Vegas are represented, as well as every major metropolitan area (New York, Shangai, London, L.A., Paris, to name a few) and everywhere in between.


Our data shows people are scouring the web to find out more about the game. Information about rules, apps and online play, strategy, variations, tournaments, and casino games are popular searches.


Because we are constantly updating our content with the latest Open Face Chinese news, strategy posts, odds charts and more, our audience likes to return for more. 54% of all OFO traffic is from return visitors.


Are you having a tournament you'd like to publicize or are you a poker room manager trying to bump up interest in your OFC (or other) tables? We can work with you to provide specific promotions which will be seen regionally.


It's growing.

Open Face Chinese is the hottest variant of poker on the planet right now. Whether it's Dwan and Hansen blinding out of the WSOP Main Event to stay in the OFC cash game, Negreanu and Ivey playing OFC heads up at Ivey's private pool party, Hellmuth skipping a WSOPE bracelet event to play an OFC tournament, or Sean Deeb and Jason Mercier tweeting out new rules and variations, you can say the game has the attention of the best players in poker.

The trickle-down effect has begun as players around the world are spreading OFC in their home games. Major poker tours including the WSOP, WPT, and EPT have now included Open Face Chinese in their series. Web and app developers are busy at work creating places for people to play online. The first half of 2013 saw an explosion of apps for iOS and Android, with many more currently in development. Major poker publications have begun to put their thinking caps on and develop strategy content.

If NLHE is the Cadillac of poker, OFC is the crack. This game has legs. And here's the secret: you're ALWAYS in action! No folding and sitting around. Add to that the perfect mix of math and gamble and it is clear that the addictive appeal of the game reaches a broad audience, from Limit and Omaha grinders, NLHE players bored of folding 85% of their range, the straight-up degens, backgammon and chess players, even the living room euchre and bridge crowd.

With an aggressive growth market, now is the time to reach your OFC audience. And there is no better way to reach them than through advertising with Open Face Odds. This is the OFC hub that delivers the most content all neatly tied in to the game. So whether YOUR game is strategy, an app or online casino, calculator, simulator, tactics trainer, or ___________ , your niche audience is right here.

What you'll get by partnering with Open Face Odds is a website with a committment to the growth of the game and an aggressive marketing plan for bolstering site traffic. Contact us today for an ad spec sheet, or for more information on what kind of partnering opportunity might be a good fit for your business!

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