Derric Haynie of Open Face Solutions and Ben McClelland of Open Face Odds bring you the first of its kind - a podcast dedicated to Open Face Chinese Poker!

0:00 -- Intros and general nerdiness. Boring mathy books that no one wants to read. How many starting hand combos are there in Open Face Chinese? Range-balancing in 5-card draw, and the difference between a dealt 4-flush in 5-card draw and Open Face. What do you do if you are dealt a flush right away? Derric explains the difference between 85% and 95%. Ben says Fantasyland is not always the way to go.

12:54 -- Back in the Wild Wild West, it was Pocket Cowboys. What do you call the original open face chinese? Traditional, Regular, Standard? Derric is bored by 'regular' OFC. Is OFC solvable? Why Pineapple OFC took over. Heads up is WAY different than 3-handed. Intro to TonyBet's Progressive Pineapple variation. Expected value of 14-card v. 15-card Fantasyland. What's the best AI to play against? Places to play on your phone or PC.

37:37 -- How Progressive Pineapple wrecks current setting strategies! Backing into trips up top. Ben's 100-hand experiment going for trips every time. How Progressive Pineapple will probably help define hand values and setting strategies. Ben and Derric wax philosophic on the vast library of OFC strategy that one day will be written.

44:00 -- Ben challenges Derric to set the hand Ah 2h 4h 8h 8c. Runner-runner flush draw odds. Odds of making a boat with a single pair+kicker start, like 558. A brief intro to Ben's Cannibals and Cooperators classification system. Who is the best type of OFC player? Is OFC more exhausting to play than Holdem? Chess Combinatorics v. OFC "Calculatorics".

57:33 -- High Hand of the Day